Asymmetric Deposit: Sentre’s Take on One-sided Token Pooling

To aid users in reducing fragmentation while depositing liquidity, Sentre adopts the concept of Asymmetric Deposit.

The downsides of two-sided token pooling

  • Opportunities lost due to not owning one of the two tokens.
  • Difficulties when depositing because of the need to balance the amount of two tokens according to preset ratios.

Asymmetric Deposit: The Future Solution

Noticing users’ inconvenience while participating in two-sided token pooling, Sentre decides to adopt the Asymmetric Deposit solution.

Simply put, liquidity providers can choose to deposit liquidity even on one-sided token pooling. When they do, the algorithm will automatically simulate the swap on the current pool to balance the amount.

As the following procedures such as depositing and returning LP tokens are also automated, Sentre calls this model the Simulated Single Exposure.

With an Asymmetric Deposit, liquidity providers can:

  • Start depositing with only one type of token (and hold other ones for the right timing, for example).
  • Easily deposit without caring about proportions and ratios.

Pairing Asymmetric Deposit with Sentre’s high liquidity environment together, liquidity providers will acquire high exchange fees and farming rates. With these measures, the impermanent loss should be considerably covered.

Learn about Sentre and win a total of 40,000 SEN

Started from 18 October, the education series “DECODE SENTRE” is gathering attention with the following activities:

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