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6 min readDec 19, 2021

To help its users implement the Triple Earning method, Sentre is giving detailed instructions on its farming features.

Sentre Mega Launch has finally taken place, and the team at Sentre is thrilled to have you all participating with us! In light of this event, many Sentizens inquired about how to farm and harvest on Sentre. Here’s our answer to your questions.

Key takeaways

  • Sentre Mainnet is available from Dec 19 at
  • Only USDC-$SEN farming pool opens on Dec 19. Staking feature opens on Dec 20.

How to farm on Sentre

Step 1. Go to Sentre Mainnet at

To access Sentre’s Mainnet, enter the address: You will see our welcoming page as shown above.

Make sure that you only follow the official links in this article.

Step 2. Connect your wallet

Click on the “Let’s Explore SEN” button in the middle of the page, or the “Connect Wallet” button in the lower right corner.

A pop-up showing wallet options will appear as below:

Right now, Sentre only trusts one of the four wallet options: Coin98, Phantom, Sollet or Slope, though we may be able to add more in the future.

However, if you own a multi-chain wallet that supports SPL, you may still be able to restore it to one of our accepted options above.

Now choose your suitable wallet and proceed to connect it with Sentre.

Step 3. Install Sen LP and start depositing

After successfully connecting your wallet, you will first see the screen below.

Add Sentre features to your needs by going to Sen Store. Click on the “Sen Store” button at the bottom of the screen.

You can scroll down to see the “By Sen Labs” section, or click on “Sen” button to explore available features: Sen Farming and Sen LP.

To farm for $SEN, you need to install Sen LP and Sen Farming.

First, click on the “Sen LP” button.

On the top right corner, click on “Install”.

Now that you’ve installed Sen LP, click on the “Open” button on the top right corner to access the feature and start providing liquidity.

Note that only the USDC-$SEN pool is available during this launch. Other pools will be opened later on and we will announce the schedule to you beforehand.

Search for the correct pool address by copying the line below and paste it in the search bar:


Currently, this is the only official pool to provide liquidity to.

Click on the “Deposit” button to start providing liquidity. You will see the screen below:

Enter your desired amount of $SEN and USDC to deposit. If you only have one type of token (either $SEN or USDC), the pool will automatically balance it out and buy the missing token for you. This means you can deposit 1 type of token only!

When you’re satisfied, click on “Deposit”. You will get your share of LPT instantly.

When providing liquidity, you earn 0.25% fee on all trades proportional to your share of the pool. You can claim this when withdrawing liquidity.

If you want to Withdraw, simply click on the “Withdraw” button and enter your amount of LPT, then press “Withdraw”.

Step 4. Install Sen Farming

Now that you’ve got your LPTs, it’s time to double your earning with Sen Farming!

Go back to Sen Store and click on the “Sen Farming” button.

On the top right corner, click on “Install”.

After installing, click on “Open”. This will take you to the Sen Farming interface.

Step 5. Go to the USDC-$SEN farm

Only the USDC-$SEN farm will be officially opened at this launch. All other unofficial farms are risky for your investment!

To make sure you go to the right farm, let’s go back to Sen LP. On the top right corner, you will see a “Go Farming” button.

This will lead you to the right farm!

Just to be sure and secure, check your farm address with the italic line below. See your farm address by clicking on the cog icon at the top right of your screen.

This is our official farm address:


When you’re ready to roll… Let’s start Farming!

Step 6. Start Farming!

Three actions can be taken in Sen Farming. Those are:

  • Stake: Add LPT to a pool and receive a number of corresponding shares, which is equal to the number of staked LPT.
  • Unstake: burn shares and remove LPT from a pool.
  • Harvest: Collect rewards.

Enter the amount of LPT you collected from Sen LP, then click on “Stake”.

If you wish to stop farming, choose the “Unstake” tab, input the desired amount then click on the “Unstake” button.

Step 7. Harvest

After some time, you can see your amount of reward shown on the right of the page. Click on the “Harvest” button to claim yours.

Get your rewards at the Retroactive Airdrop event

To show our immense gratitude towards Sentizens, we have decided to kick off the Sentre Retroactive Airdrop event with a total of 2 million $SEN. The event reward mechanics are below:

1,000,000 $SEN to liquidity providers: All deposits equal to and over US$100 will be rewarded with an amount of $SEN proportional to your contribution volume.

600,000 $SEN to Sentre Mega Launch participants: All those who take part in the event will be rewarded with an amount of $SEN equally divided to the total number of participants.

400,000 $SEN to our traders, including:

  • 200,000 $SEN evenly distributed to all traders with the total exchange value falling between US$1000 and US$10,000.
  • 200,000 $SEN evenly distributed to all traders with the total exchange value going over US$10,000.

And that’s all! Start your farming activities now to maximize your profit and create a stable source of yearly income.

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