Have A Senday With New Activities And Daily Treats!

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2 min readFeb 15, 2022

Join our Discord server now and earn your daily treats! 5-time winners get special roles with exclusive rights.

Sentre is back with a set of daily treats for our beloved Sentizens on Discord! Simply head over to the server at: https://discord.com/invite/VD7UBAp2HN and check out our Daily Events channels!

The Details

Three activities are taking place daily at our Discord server. Come join us!

Swap of the day

Go to the Swap-of-the-day channel and:

  • Share a screenshot and the transaction link of your best swap of the day
  • Tell the community why you bought this token! Tell us why you think it’s great!

Share of the day

Share the power of Sentre by:

  • Replying to or quote tweeting our tweets
  • Replying to people’s talks about Sentre in Discord channels and Reddit subs/threads

Make sure to leave a screenshot at the Share-of-the-day channel too!

Artwork of the day

Bring out the artist in you!

Try making your own images, gifs, videos… about Sentre products and features, and post them in the Artwork-of-the-day channel.

The Treats

Winners get 100 SNTR for each win, and anyone accumulating 5 and above wins will receive the Senday role. Sendays are special roles that come with exclusive rights, coming very soon this 2022!

To each activity, there will be ONE winner chosen daily by Sentre and Partners. The list of winners will be announced at 10AM UTC.

Make sure you’re tuned in! Follow us for more updates:

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