How To Join Sentre Mega Launch Event

The Sentre Mega Launch is about to start in a few hours. Here’s the step-by-step instructions on how to join in the event.

The start of Sentre Mega Launch is only hours and minutes away from us now. To ensure all participants can smoothly enjoy this bountiful event, we will guide you through every step, as clearly as possible.

Step 1. Enter the address

As Sentre Mega Launch takes place on our own platform, all you have to do is wait until 2PM UTC December 17 (today!) then enter the address This will take you to our homepage, the same directory you went to register for KYC before.

NOTE: If you haven’t passed our KYC, please perform the check NOW, because the next steps cannot be done without a verified KYC.

Step 2. Click on the “Join IDO” button

At 2PM UTC Dec 17, you will be able to click on this button.

Then, you’re led to the IDO homepage, with information about how it works, the timeline, and the KYC reminder.

If you haven’t got your KYC checked before the event, you will be asked to verify it, as the button suggests. Please click on the “Verify” button at the bottom of the KYC block and register.

However, if you’ve got your KYC verified, you will only be asked to acknowledge our KYC reminder. Please click on the “Acknowledge” button to confirm that you’ve understood and certified that you’re not a resident from unauthorized countries that we’ve listed.

Step 3. Participate and Enjoy!

You’re in the IDO now! As the first 24 hours will be our Sale Phase, you can choose to Stake or Unstake your USDC in order to buy $SEN.

Simply click on either button to proceed staking or unstaking.

You can also check your contribution over the total amount of USDC raised on the board, the current price of USDC and your redeemable amount to decide whether to buy in or opt out.

After the 24-hour Sale Phase, the Stake button will disappear. Now you can only Unstake.

Due to the nature of this phase, the amount of USDC can only go down. This last 24-hour phase will decide the final price of $SEN, as well as your final redeemable amount of $SEN.

After the Grace Phase is over, you can immediately redeem your $SEN. You can head straight to Sentre Mainnet to start your triple earning journey.

And that’s all! We hope you will enjoy this launch as much as we do. Our farming and staking instruction will be up the next day, so buckle up and get ready to make a huge profit and secure a bountiful source of income.

Sen to the moon!

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