How To Pass Your KYC On Sentre — A Definitive Guide

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5 min readNov 29, 2021

The much anticipated Sentre Mega Launch is coming closer, and one of the first steps to be eligible for the event is KYC. Read on to learn how.

This guide will show you how to go through the entire KYC process at Synaps. To get started, open our website at and click on the “Register KYC” button.

The registration window will open, like this:

Enter your email address and Solana wallet address to sign up for an account. If you haven’t got a Solana wallet, create one at

** NOTE:

  • Please keep in mind that the Wallet Address used to register will also be the address for you to participate in Sentre Token Launch.
  • Up till now, Sentre ONLY supports the following Solana Wallets: Coin98, Phantom, Slope, and Sollet.
    Other Wallet Addresses will most likely
    NOT be able to participate in the Token Launch.

The Verification Process

After logging in, you should have similar view to this:

To entirely validate and confirm your identity, KYC often includes three basic steps, those are:


This is the crucial step to verify that you and the one presented in your identity documents to be submitted later are the same person.

Click on “1. Liveness” button to start the verification process. Then, a window will appear explaining how you will be able to pass this step:

You should prepare yourself by:

  • Being in a bright place with no shadows or reflections on your face or on the camera,
  • Removing all accessories that can hide your face (glasses, caps, hats, masks…)
  • Centering your face in the oval shape showing on your screen,
  • Making sure no one is in the background.

It is crucial to follow these instructions to pass your liveness step.

Once you’re ready, click on the “Scan Face” button to start.

Wait for a few seconds to know if you’ve passed the liveness step. In case something happens during the process and your liveness step fails, repeat from the start and make sure to be extra careful preparing yourself before scanning.

The success screen will look like this:


This step is to verify your identity documents and ensure that they’re compliant, legal, unique and real. We will be able to match the image from the liveness step with the photo on your official documents to avoid identity frauds.

Press the “Continue Verification” button. The identity verification window will open, like this:

Choose your country. For example, if your document is a French passport, choose the country “France”.

If your country is marked as “Restricted”, it means that Synaps cannot accept documents from said country due to various reasons (government restrictions and so on).

After choosing your country, you will then be asked to select the type of document you wish to submit (passport, national ID, driver license or residence permit).

Any document type marked as “Not accepted”, once again, means that Synaps cannot accept said specific document type for that specific country.

Once you have chosen your document type, you can choose how to submit your document. You can take a picture of your passport directly from your camera, or drag and drop your passport from your computer or continue the process on your phone to take a picture of your passport at that moment.

When submitting your document, please make sure that the photo of the document is in a good quality, sharp, without reflection or blurring, that all 4 sides are clearly visible and that the information is correctly readable.


In this last step, you need to submit a proof of residency with your full name, full address and date within the last 3 months.

The documents considered and accepted as proof of residency are the following:

Utility Bills

  • Gas Bill (gas)
  • Water bill (water)
  • Electricity bill (electricity)
  • Internet bill (broadband, internet)
  • Landline Telephone Bill
  • Certificate of accommodation (with a valid bill as mentioned above, and passport or identity card of the host)

Bank Statements

  • IBAN / RIB (with an issuing date less than 3 months old)
  • Official documents from banks in the country of residence

Any documents not listed above may not be accepted. Also note that a document must be less than 3 months old. Otherwise, it will be rejected.

Now, click on the “Start verification” button to upload the documents.

And that’s all!

The validated KYC will look like this:

The Results Announcement

After submitting your documents, it will normally take less than 24 hours to receive your verification result. Check your email for our response (even if your documents are rejected, we will announce and clearly state the reason why).

If you’re still not validated or informed of the rejection after 24–48 hours, please contact Sentre directly. We will double check with Synaps for any problems. Otherwise, send a DM directly to @kyllianhmd on Telegram. He will help you with your KYC.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:

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