How To Triple Your Earning With Sentre Mega Launch

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3 min readDec 2, 2021

This December, Sentre Protocol is officially hosting its Token and Mainnet launch on its own platform. You can get SEN instantly, farm for more SEN after sale and stake for more money!

Sentre Mega Launch is set to take place at 14:00 UTC, December 17th, 2021, where we will officially release our SEN tokens and Sentre Mainnet. As our previous post has mentioned, the amount of tokens allocated for this launch is 20,000,000 SEN (2% of the total supply).

The Fair Launch Model

Sentre Mega Launch is modeled after Mango and Solend’s, which consist of two phases:

The Sale Phase

During this phase, all participants may deposit or withdraw USDC in and out of the pool, making SEN price fluctuate based on the size of the pool.

This phase lasts 24 hours, starting from 14:00 UTC, December 17th.

The Grace Phase

After the sale phase, the deposit stops. However, if participants in this second phase do not accept the current valuation, they may only withdraw USDC from the pool.

This final adjustment phase for SEN price also lasts 24 hours, starting from 14:00 UTC, December 18th.

The After Sale

SEN price is determined after both phases are closed, based on the total amount of funds in the vault / the number of SEN sold.

After the 48-hour sale, SEN tokens are redeemable to all participants, with an amount proportional to their share of USDC in the pool.

This is a truly Open and Fair launch mechanic allowing every participant to easily join in or step out for a limited timeframe.

There is no whitelisting and everyone gets the same flattened price after sale, therefore you can take your time to evaluate the situation and decide when to jump in or out.

The Token Parameters

  • Start Date: December 17th, 2PM UTC
  • End Date: December 19, 2PM UTC
  • Sale Duration: 2 days (48 hours)
  • Platform:
  • Initial SEN pooled: 20,000,000
  • Trading Pair: SEN:USDC

The Triple Earning

What makes Sentre Mega Launch worth your time and investment, though?

The Immediate Earning

SEN tokens are available for redeem right after sale. For other projects, you have to wait from 7–10 days after the sale ends to get your share of tokens.

The Juicy APY Earning

SEN farming starts on December 19th, 2021 — the very moment our sale closes. Users can freely farm for more SEN with an extremely juicy APY.

The Final Earning

You have got so much SEN after the Fair Launch sale and farming. What’s next?

SEN staking starts on December 20th, 2021. Put your hard-earned SEN into action! Imagine the amount of money you will get after staking your SEN.

The Preparation

If you are all pumped up for our Mega Launch, get ready for the event by passing our KYC early to be eligible! Read the instructions here and head to our website for more information.

Sentre is also preparing more exciting news for our Sentizens. Don’t miss out! Follow us at:

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