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3 min readJan 25, 2022

To assist users in trading large assets without offsetting the charts, Sentre introduces a new, upcoming feature — Sen OTC.

To assist users in trading large assets without offsetting the charts, Sentre introduces Sen OTC.

Making large transactions to convert assets seems to be a risky and disadvantageous move for anyone. These transactions bring not only unfavourable prices to its trader but also chaos on the charts as the scale is tipped. To battle these circumstances and better assist its users, Sentre Protocol decides to develop a new feature, called Sen OTC.

The pain of a crypto whale

When whales look for ways to convert their huge assets in a single snap, many issues arise:

  • Fluctuations may occur on the chart when a big trade happens, causing a death fall for many investors, which could eventually kill the market.
  • There may not be enough orders on the market to even make that big trade in the beginning.

Some may try to divide the trade into smaller ones and wait for more orders on the market. However, the longer you keep the later trades, the bigger risk you’re taking.

The market overall is fickle, especially in crypto. Trading in smaller amounts is guaranteed to bring an unfavourable price, compared to a single transaction at the right time, with the decided price. As the orders reduce after making continuous trades, slippage can only grow bigger.

Sen OTC — The problem-solver for big traders

To avoid the pain during a big trade, investors need a way to lock the price and trade in an instant. This leads us to the birth of Sen OTC.

Sen OTC is a private trading platform with self-set exchange rates, no slippage and anti-scam precautions.

After the trading parties agree on a rate, Sen OTC will confirm the transaction and perform necessary calculations to make sure no drastic changes happen on the chart.

With the help of Sen OTC, whales no longer need to constantly watch the price to find peaks for each small trade.

Since the large transaction is able to take place almost instantly at an agreeable price, there is no slippage present. The risks are minimized with Sentre’s careful examination of the OTC participants, to ensure no scammers are allowed on the platform.

Thanks to Sen OTC, investors can buy and sell any tokens with ease, including ones that are not listed on exchanges yet. This will help broaden their portfolios and range of investment strategies like no others.

This feature will be released soon in 2022. Follow us for more information and updates:

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