$SEN As The Heart Of Sentre

If you’re wondering whether the use cases of SEN token are really as useful as they should be, check out below.

Sentre calls $SEN The Native Utility Token and The Heart Of Our Ecosystem in our many documents, and it’s no lie. With $SEN as an optional presence in every pools available in SenSwap, we offer our users the chance to get these advantages:


To propose an on-chain improvement, participants need to stake SEN in order to vote and reach a consensus. The ratified proposals will be implemented and deployed by the foundation team.

For example, as Sentre is an open liquidity protocol, if any new project wants to inherit liquidity from Sentre then $SEN holders can vote to choose whether or not this dApp project is worth it.

Fee Reduction

$SEN helps reduce and maintain an upper bound of the exchange fee.

When swapping, with $SEN as the “bridge” between any pair of tokens, users can reduce the exchange rate from 0.3% to only 0.25%.

Buyback and Make

$SEN is designed as a fee collector.

With any swapped pair, the fee can be easily transformed into $SEN. Then, instead of burning them away, these fees are collected and automatically transmitted to other SEN-based services.

Protocol Entrepôt

$SEN connects all pools in the ecosystem and makes sure any pair of tokens can be swapped.

Putting $SEN into all existing two-token pools on SenSwap helps users focus all liquidity into one pool instead of having to deposit into three different pools. This increases liquidity effectiveness and reduces the hassle of having to balance between three pairs of tokens when depositing.

As $SEN is present in any and every pool, there is no token that can’t be converted into $SEN. Therefore, any pair of tokens, no matter how exotic and rare, can be swapped by simply converting both into $SEN.

Other tokens can also be evaluated via $SEN for the same technique.

Participate now before 40,000 SEN is rewarded to others

Started from 18 October, the education series “DECODE SENTRE” has gathered great interest with the following activities:

- Newbie walk-through tutorials on Sentre and its features.

- Got questions? Get your answer with the Sen Team.

- A total of 40,000 SEN rewards coming your way if you stick with us till the end of the week!

What you have to do:

  1. Follow Sentre’s Twitter, Telegram channel and Telegram Announcements.
  2. Share at least 3 posts in our DECODE SENTRE series with the following hashtags: #Sentre, #Quiz, #Airdrop
  3. Complete our quiz (to be opened at 0:00 UCT 24 October)

Don’t miss out on your chance. For more information and updates, follow us at:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium




All-in-One Solana Open Platform with DApps Store and Universal Protocol for Liquidity

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Sentre Protocol

Sentre Protocol

All-in-One Solana Open Platform with DApps Store and Universal Protocol for Liquidity

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