Sen Iconic Contest — The First Gold Drop in Sentre Golden Month

To start off the rich and fortunate year of 2022, Sentre brings gold to the table for its Sentizens, starting with Sen Iconic Contest.

The first golden bullet is shot, everyone. Sentre is hosting a design contest named Sen Iconic Contest with a single prize of $350!

The rules are simple: Design a character or mascot to represent Sentre Protocol.

The designer must:

  • Follow Sentre Twitter at:
  • Retweet the contest post and tag 3 friends
  • Comment your entry under the tweet
  • Entries must be submitted between Jan 12 and Jan 20
  • Multiple entries are allowed

A single $350 will be prized to the Best Mascot Design chosen by Sen Labs and Partners. Join now to bring the gold home, all for yourself!


  • The entry should express what Sentre Protocol is about, or bring out Sentre’s image.
  • The entry must be an original work. Any signs of plagiarism or similar activities will guarantee a ban from all future contests from Sentre.
  • Sentre Protocol holds all rights to use the winning design for commercial purposes.
  • Should any controversy break out, the final decision belongs to Sentre Protocol.



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