Sentre Drops Its 2nd Gold: $SNTR Holding Challenge

Grow money from your own wallet. Participate in Sentre Holding Challenge to share the 200,000 SNTR rewards!

The second drop from Sentre guarantees gold for every participant! The Sentre Holding Challenge brings a total reward of 200,000 SNTR to the table with an extremely simple and easy way to join:

Step 1. Input your email and wallet address here:

The wallet registered in this link will be used to track your next steps.

Step 2. Hold at least 2000 SNTR in your wallet for 30 days or more to be eligible.

Step 3. Get your golds! Rewards will be proportional to the amount of SNTR you hold for over 30 days.

Note that the more SNTR you hold, the more rewards you get! You are free to buy, swap, or unstake — as long as there’s SNTR in your wallet!

The SNTR Holding Challenge will take place from January 17 to February 25. Join now and get your golds!

We are running a month-full of amazing news and activities for our Sentizens. Sentre Golden Month is held between January 12 and January 31. This will be your one-and-only golden chance to multiply your assets, envision your future, and start your 2022 with FUN and FORTUNE!

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