Sentre Protocol: The 2022 Journey

The start of 2022 is reaching close, and Sentre is ready to share the roadmap with our increasing Sentizens.

Sentre Protocol Roadmap Summary.

A long year of ups and downs is close to passing, and we are all waiting for the new chapter to unfold. Sentre Protocol is ending 2021 with more friends, more partners, and more achievements to celebrate. Let us give our old and new Sentizens a closer look at what Sentre Protocol has achieved, and what we have to offer in the upcoming 2022.

The Overview

Sentre is the first All-in-one Solana Open Platform to bring DApp Store and Universal Protocol for liquidity to life, with the ambitious goal to become the safe haven for DeFi developers and users.

After the success of SoproX from 2020, the team at Sentre has been working non stop in 2021 to bring about various improvements and new releases: SenSwap contracts, SenJS, SenUI, and most recently, Sentre Devnet (with Swapping, Farming and Staking features).

From a humble beginning with 1,300 participants experiencing Devnet, now we have more than 54,000 Sentizens active on Telegram, 12,315 on Discord, and 721 following our Medium blog. The current Sentre Mega Launch is attracting thousands to buy $SEN and experience Sentre Mainnet. It’s our honor to be trusted by you, our dear Sentizens.

2021 has also seen the rising popularity of Sentre Protocol through our numerous partnerships with crypto experts from various fields such as Seeded, Sypool, Wormhole, Slope, Parrot, Phantom, Sollet, and many more. Through our newly announced cross-chain bridge, Sentre Protocol is looking forward to making full use of these prized connections to bring more exciting features to our community.

The 2022 Journey

What more is in the future for Sentre and the Sentizen community? The answer is infinite.

To constantly offer useful releases while also developing new, advanced solutions for our Sentizens, the team at Sentre decides to split our 2022 goals into three categories:

Short term: Lending & Borrowing

An idle coin is a “dead” coin. When you’re on HODL, instead of leaving your coins untouched, unprofitable in your wallet, why not make some out of it? With our Lending & Borrowing feature to come, you can choose to lend your coins to investors in need and get your fair share of interest.

On the other hand, good investments can’t wait. If you see potential in a coin you don’t currently have, make collateral out of your unused ones and borrow from others instead.

To bring this exciting feature to our Sentizens, in 2021 we have already secured partnerships with and Seeded Network — two crypto lending platforms on Solana, to directly integrate on Sentre Ecosystem. You may look forward to their grand debut in the first half of 2022.

Medium term: Derivatives Market

Another DeFi powered feature is the Derivatives. 2020 has seen the explosion of this market with a 24-hour trading volume of approximately $320 billion. That is about 60% higher than the spot market, which was thought to be crypto investors’ go-to choice.

However, the derivatives market is still fairly new within the crypto world. Along with its risks involving the volatility nature of crypto currencies, the team at Sentre Protocol is prompted to develop an advanced solution to bring a safe and secure trading environment to our Sentizens.

The derivatives project is on-going, however, we may see progress on this feature a little later into 2022.

Long term: Decentralized Insurance

If the derivatives market is fairly new in crypto, then decentralized insurance is even more unheard of.

The idea is that: As long as there are risks, there should be an equivalent method to compensate for losses from said risks. With the help from blockchain, complicated insurance assessment processes can be turned into a simple “if/then” equation.

Coupling this idea with existing advances in technology, e.g. automated payout process, and the removal of intermediaries, the future outlook for decentralized insurance is bright as it tackles the most unnerving fear of crypto investors.

This project is to be done with high efforts for high returns, which is why Sentre decides to make it our long-term goal. The initial draft will be presented in late 2022.

About Sentre Protocol

Sentre is an All-in-One Solana Open Platform with a DApp Store and Universal Protocol for Liquidity. We aim to become a Safe Haven for DeFi developers and users. Sentre includes:

Sen OS — The Open Platform for DApps: Developers and Partners can deliver DApps through Sen Store, fully use available resources and contribute to the Platform with no restrictions.

SenSwap — The Liquidity Accumulator: A Solana-based AMM with an user-friendly interface and various tech-advanced features such as Adaptive Fee Model (fees covariates with losses), Asymmetric Deposit (one-sided token pooling), Cross-chain Liquidity, and so on.

Sentre is also preparing more exciting news for our Sentizens. Don’t miss out! Follow us at:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium



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Sentre Protocol

Sentre Protocol

All-in-One Solana Open Platform with DApps Store and Universal Protocol for Liquidity