Sentre Releases Lightning Tunnel — A Bulk Transaction Tool For Airdrops

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4 min readApr 13, 2022


This lightning-fast, bulk transaction tool with low-to-none fees is perfect for project airdrops.

Almost all blockchain projects have done an “airdrop.” So calling it a universal form of reward event in the blockchain world would not be an exaggeration.

However, while many of these airdrops attracted numerous participants, they also cost an increasing amount of time and fee spent signing for the organizers, not to mention the many possible errors during transactions.

To tackle these problems and create a smooth experience for both the organizers and their participants, Sentre Protocol releases Lightning Tunnel — A bulk transaction tool for airdrops.

What’s special about Lightning Tunnel

Stop spending hundreds of dollars on transaction fees for an airdrop, then an afternoon clicking the Sign button tens of thousands of times! With Lightning Tunnel, you’ll pay less than one dollar, click once, then sit back and watch people claim their share.

You can enter the recipients’ addresses manually or upload a CSV file and let the program do its job. Lightning Tunnel will also highlight and notify you of wrong addresses in the list, making sure you’re not spending on transactions that are doomed to be failed.

The program will automatically generate a redemption link when the bulk transaction is done. You can send this link into your group chat, share it on social sites, or include it in your airdrop results announcement post. Piece of cake!

For the recipients, all you’ll have to do is click on the link, press Redeem, and the token’s already in your wallet.

How to use Lightning Tunnel

So how do you use Lightning Tunnel? Click here to install, then follow the steps below:

Step 1. Select token type and input method

In this step, you can select the type of token you want to do your airdrop with and an input method for the transaction information.

With a small number of recipients, you can enter the information manually. With larger groups, consider bulk import with a CSV file.

When you’re done, press Continue.

Step 2. Input transaction information

Manual Mode

Enter each recipient’s wallet address, and the amount of token you wish to transfer. Then, press OK.

Keep entering addresses and token amounts until the end of your airdrop list. Then, press Continue and go to Step 3.

Automatic Mode

Click to choose the file from your computer, or drop it into the box to upload. Note that Lightning Tunnel only accepts CSV and TXT files.

When you’re done, press Continue.

Can’t press Continue?

You may have encountered one of the following problems:

  • If an address appears more than once, Lightning Tunnel will ask if you want to merge these transactions.
  • If there is an invalid address or a missing amount, Lightning Tunnel will highlight it in red. You can fix them directly in manual mode, or select and bulk delete them in automatic mode. You can also cancel the process and upload another file.
  • If there are decimals in the amount of token to transfer, be sure to turn on Decimals by pressing on the cog icon (⚙️) on the top right corner.

Step 3. Confirm and Transfer

At this step, you can review the total amount of token to transfer, your starting balance, and the remaining. When you’re done, press Transfer.

Your wallet will ask you to approve twice. The first time is to create a token vault. The second time is to transfer the tokens.

Step 4. Share the link

Your tokens are ready to go! Press Share now to create a post with the link on Twitter, or press Copy and send the link into your group chat, share it on other social sites, or include it in your airdrop results announcement post.

How to receive token from Lightning Tunnel

When a project sends you an airdrop through Lightning Tunnel, you will receive a redemption link. Clicking on this link will lead you to Sen Hub.

Press Connect your wallet, or choose from the list of wallets available.

If you’re on the airdrop list, a pop-up will appear. Press Redeem.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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