Sentre To Repay Users With A Retroactive Airdrop Event

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2 min readDec 11, 2021

To celebrate our official Mainnet and Token launch, the team at Sentre decides to hold a Retroactive Airdrop as a special thanks to our dear Sentizens.

Ever since Sentre Protocol was introduced to the DeFi community, the team has been overwhelmed with your endless support. Our Twitter account is nearing 45,000 followers while our Telegram group is passing the 56K mark. This is all thanks to our Sentizens who put their trust in our project and went through everything with us from ground zero until now.

To show our immense gratitude towards Sentizens, we have decided to kick off the Sentre Retroactive Airdrop event with a total of 2 million SNTR. Details below!

  1. Event Period: December 17th, 2021 — February 5th, 2022.
  2. Event Reward Mechanics:
  • 1,000,000 SNTR to liquidity providers: As the strongest protocol builders who also shoulder a part of the opportunity cost, LPs are the first to deserve a reward for their decision. All deposits equal to and over US$100 that occurs at least 15 days prior to the event end date will be rewarded with an amount of SNTR proportional to your contribution volume.
  • 600,000 SNTR to Sentre Mega Launch participants: Our IDO participants take the initiative to put trust in us and help decide the initial price of SNTR, therefore, we wish to thank you for your first steps towards supporting our project. All those who take part in the event will be rewarded with an amount of SNTR equally divided to the total number of participants.
  • 400,000 SNTR to our traders: As Sentre provide a high liquidity, low fees/slippage and risk-reduced environment, our traders join us as the core actions of the ecosystem. This is our small thanks to all of you, including:
  • 200,000 SNTR evenly distributed to all traders with the total exchange value falling between US$1000 and US$10,000.
  • 200,000 SNTR evenly distributed to all traders with the total exchange value going over US$10,000.

Don’t forget to maximize your benefit from this airdrop by participating in our upcoming Sentre Mega Launch! Triple your Earning by:

  • Getting instant SNTR: Tokens are redeemable right after the sale ends (Dec 18).
  • Farming to double: Sale ends = SEN Farming starts, with over-the-moon APY.
  • Staking to triple: SEN Staking begins 01 day after SEN Farming (Dec 19). Stake for huge returns and secure yourself a stable yearly income.

To be eligible for Sentre Mega Launch, all you need to do is pass our KYC check.

Read the detailed KYC instructions HERE;

And learn more about our Launch Mechanics HERE.

100% of users who passed our KYC check will be able to buy SNTR at our event — no random, no whitelists.

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