Sentre Version 2.0 To Be Released This January 7

High-tech looks, updated protection, advanced features and fresh concepts! Get ready to experience the New Sentre, this Jan 7.

After the release of Sentre Version 1.0, we received many insightful comments and feedback from users. Combining our new connections with esteemed partners, the team worked day and night to bring Sentre Version 2.0 into reality.

Sentre V2.0 is almost an all-new release. We have new looks, updated security, several advanced features and fresh concepts for you to explore!

From Sen OS to Sen Hub

We are moving!

From Sen OS — a.k.a. Sentre Version 1.0 — on, the team decided to do a full upgrade and release Sen Hub — a.k.a. Sentre Version 2.0 (the link to this version will be updated on January 7).

However, this movement does not affect the way Sen OS, or now Sen Hub, works. Sen Hub is still the operating system that allows developers to deliver their DApps through Sen Store, fully make use of its available resources and contribute to the Platform with no restrictions.

What does change, though, are the following upgrades:

New Looks

If you haven’t noticed, we got ourselves a new interface!

Sen Hub is going for high tech, 3D look. We enable the Light/Dark theme options:

  • Those who wish to experience smooth graphics transitions should go with the Light theme;
  • While those who care to reduce their eye strains and battery life can switch to the Dark theme.

New Guide

One of our missions when creating Sentre was to help simplify the DApp building process for developers. We have been doing this by supplying them with toolchains and resources, all free-of-charge, on our Github.

This time, we are giving out a detailed set of documents on how to build a DApp on SenHub, from A to Z. If you’re an individual developer with a great idea for DeFi, head to now and start building your own DApp!

New Sandbox

Sentre Mainnet V2.0 is a lot different from its predecessor, V1.0. We understand that, and to further aid our developers, the team at Sentre created a Sandbox exclusively for the DApp integration tests.

Simply head to Sen Hub, sign in, then click on the three dashes icon at the top right corner of the screen:

Then, go to the Settings tab. You can open the drop-down list to choose between Mainnet, Testnet and Devnet. You can also see the Sandbox, where your DApp’s manifest can be dropped to test its integration performance.

After choosing, refresh the page. That’s all!

New Sen LP Feature: Sen Booster

To bring more attractive and risk-proof investing strategies to Sentizens, the team decided to release an all-new feature called Sen Booster. Sen Booster widget can be accessible through the Sen LP feature.

As the name suggests, with Sen Booster, users can lock their LPTs up for a profit boost!

The longer you keep your LPTs locked, the bigger boost your profit gets afterwards. You can choose to lock your LPTs from 7 up to 90 days, and get a boost of up to 140% of SNTR!

What makes Sen Booster more attractive than other investment options is that: You pay no fee, and there is zero slippage. You get exactly the promised amount, with exactly what you have.

The first Booster will be released on January 21. Mark your calendar and prepare your LPTs!

New Bridge

With the recent announcement on Our Cross-chain Bridge To Be Built On Top Of Wormhole, our two features, Sen Swap and Sen Assets will undergo the first expansion:

A Cross-chain bridge has been opened between Ethereum and Solana!

The new bridge is expected to bring about cross-chain liquidity, cross-chain apps, and cross-chain chances for all users and developers alike. You will be able to:

  • Move assets between blockchains with ease
  • Explore apps that let you make profits from both ends
  • Benefit from everything the two worlds have to offer

This expansion will also be Sentre’s first step towards erasing boundaries between blockchains and creating a true Open Platform for All.

New Protection

The team is also listening to your feedback and comments with careful consideration. We decided to develop advanced protection on Sen Swap:

  • High price impact alerts: When the price impact on your swapping pair is too high, the swap button will be disabled, and you’ll be noticed instead.
  • Reference market price monitor: No need to go anywhere to check the market price. Sentre already included the in-pool price, and a market price chart with the time ranging from 1 day to 1 year, for your reference.

New Branching

Frauds and scam cases have been reported to Sentre after V1 Release. To prevent these weak hands and purify the air at Sentre for our users, we added more filters to our Pools and Farms:

  • Pools can now be filtered into Sentre pools, Deposited pools, Your (self-created) pools, and Community pools.
  • Farms can now be filtered into Sentre farms, Staked farms, Your (self-created) farms, and Community farms.

In the near future, we will also introduce Sentre Tiers with various exclusive rights and bonuses. All you need to do would be what you have already been doing: provide liquidity, swap, farm, stake, boost, and so on.


Overall, through Sentre V2.0, we enhanced the decentralization and performance of the platform.

You can start exploring Sentre V2.0 from January 7 by going to this link (to be updated). A detailed user guide for Sentre V2.0 is also available soon on our main page. Follow us to get updates and news:

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