Sentre x Jupiter – The First To Join Force With Sentre Open Ecosystem

This partnership promises to bring various opportunities and growth space to both Sentre and Jupiter.

Aiming to become the Open Protocol for both users and developers, Sentre Protocol is always looking for new, advanced ways to broaden its horizon. To build a mutual playground that is safe, secure and profitable enough for everyone, liquidity accumulation is one of the key problems that Sentre has to face.

Recently, with the release of its cross-chain bridge built on top of Wormhole, Sentre has brought yet another type of liquidity to the table: The Cross-chain Liquidity.

Now, to make sure that this source of liquidity is properly optimized, Sentre is joining hands with Jupiter Aggregator – A key aggregator for Solana that offers “the widest range of tokens and best route discovery between any token pair”.

The Short Run

At the moment, Jupiter is supporting swaps between almost every pair on the Solana blockchain. Therefore, to maximize its use, Jupiter will be integrated directly into the Sen Swap feature.

Through this integration, Sentre and Jupiter will be able to:

  • Support swapping a vast range of token pairs, from popular to exotic ones
  • Offer the best price on each swap for users
  • Help users stay up-to-date with the latest tokens and liquidity sources

The whole process is light, fast and secure as ever. No more fretting over lack of liquidity!

Right now, you can go to Sen Swap and start swapping.

The Long Run

Sentre and Jupiter are planning more partnership activities.

In the near future, Jupiter will be combining. Sentre pools with the liquidity from the rest of the space. This will create not only a larger and more consistent liquidity flow for both parties, but also a better infrastructure for both users and developers on Sentre and Jupiter.

Along with the premiere of Sentre x Jupiter, we are running a month-full of amazing news and activities for our Sentizens. Sentre Golden Month is held between January 12 and January 31. This will be your one-and-only golden chance to multiply your assets, envision your future, and start your 2022 with FUN and FORTUNE!

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All-in-One Solana Open Platform with DApps Store and Universal Protocol for Liquidity

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Sentre Protocol

Sentre Protocol

All-in-One Solana Open Platform with DApps Store and Universal Protocol for Liquidity

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