Sentre x Space Falcon: A DeFi x GameFi Collaboration on Solana

Sentre Protocol
2 min readMar 23, 2022

This partnership promises never-before-seen profit for both Sentre and Space Falcon users.

Join us on 25 March to share the 1000 USDC pool and own Space Falcon’s NFTs!

Sentre Protocol is thrilled to announce its partnership with Space Falcon — an intergalactic metaverse project featuring the classic Space Shooter game and premium Sci-Fi NFTs from the cosmos and beyond.

As one of the first DeFi x GameFi collaborations on Solana, the Sentre x Space Falcon partnership brings ample possibilities for growth. With Sentre Protocol’s Open Platform and Space Falcon’s Intergalactic Metaverse, users from both parties can expect many exciting news and events soon.

To start the collaboration with a bang, Sentre Protocol and Space Falcon are releasing a new FCON-USDC pool that comes with 1000 USDC and 3 NFTs as prizes!

To be eligible for the event, simply follow these steps:

  1. Follow Twitter: Sentre & Space Falcon
  2. Join Discord: Sentre & Space Falcon
  3. Deposit at least 5$ to the FCON-USDC pool, and stake for at least 7 days
  4. Complete this form:

Prizes include:

  • A pool of 1000 USDC will be shared between 100 lucky randomly selected participants.
  • 03 NFTs will be given to the top 3 participants with the highest deposit volumes.

These fabulous NFTs from Space Falcon can be used to craft fortunes! Their owners will receive:

  • Significant in-game benefits
  • Higher rewards on gameplay as passive income
  • Higher allocation on IDO launchpad
  • NFT staking
  • Many community giveaways

The FCON-USDC pool will be released on 25th March, while the event will be held from 25th March to 8th April.

Make sure to join for a chance to grab some treats, folks!

About SpaceFalcon

SpaceFalcon is a next-gen Intergalactic metaverse featuring the classic space shooter game and premium Sci-Fi NFTs from cosmos and beyond. Built on Solana Ecosystem for fast and low-cost transactions to ensure a lightning-fast experience for your space adventures.

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About Sentre Protocol

Sentre is an All-in-One Solana Open Platform with a DApp Store and Universal Protocol for Liquidity. We aim to become a Safe Haven for DeFi developers and users. Sentre includes:

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All-in-One Solana Open Platform with DApps Store and Universal Protocol for Liquidity