Sentre’s Permissionless Farming Pools, Explained

After the successful token launch, Sentre has been flooded with LPs looking for a chance to triple their profit. Countless questions have been asked:

  • Why are there so many farming pools on Sentre, when the team says there’s only ONE official farm address?
  • Are those unofficial farms dangerous?

Here’s the answers:

  • Sentre runs Sen Farming on a PERMISSIONLESS POOL basis.
  • A permissionless pool means: ANYONE can create a liquidity pool (a.k.a. a “farm”) on Sentre. As soon as the farm is created, users can trade on Sen Swap interface immediately.
  • Sentre’s official pools are listed under “Sentre Farms”. Others are listed under “Community Farms”.
  • Users are FREE to stake into any farm they want, AT THEIR OWN RISK.
  • When you sense danger in any farm, don’t hesitate to UNSTAKE immediately!

We included the official pool address, farm address and how to unstake in this post: Depositing & Farming Instructions.

You can simply switch between Sentre Farms and Community Farms on the left side of your screen. See below:

Please note that Sentre will NOT be responsible for any losses caused by staking into community farms.

The official LP pool opened by Sentre team is currently LOCKED until CEX listing in a few days. The official farm, therefore, only opens to those who have deposited into the official pool beforehand.

After Sentre’s listing on, we will reopen the official pool and give notice to all users. In the meantime, you can join any pools with caution.

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