The ETH-SNTR Booster Is Live

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3 min readJan 21, 2022

Following the release of its new cross-chain pool, Sentre is presenting the first ETH-SNTR booster.

Get access to advanced Boosts that go up to 145% of your profit during Sentre Golden Month.

With its cross-chain bridge built on top of Wormhole, Sentre is helping its users broaden their portfolio safely and effectively without hassle. The first cross-chain pool, ETH-SNTR, has already been released a few days ago.

Following the noteworthy event, Sentre is presenting its first Booster out of the all-new Sen Booster feature for the ETH-SNTR pool. During the Golden Month period, you can get access to advanced Boosts that go up to 145% of your profit!

What is Sen Booster?

Sen Booster is a new feature in Sen LP, which allows you to sell your LPT for SNTR at a lower price than market offers. By selecting a vesting term from 7 to 90 days, you get an extra SNTR bonus.

Read more about Sen Booster here.

To maximize your profit yield during Sentre Golden Month, the team at Sentre worked day and night to present Sentre’s first Booster for the cross-chain ETH-SNTR pool.

How to use the ETH-SNTR Booster?

To use Sen Booster, you must first own LPTs. Get your share by depositing liquidity to the ETH-SNTR pool in Sen LP.

Then, look at the bottom right widget on Sen LP — that is Sen Booster.

Now, you can enter your desired amount of LPTs and choose your Lock time. Note that the longer you lock, the more you earn. With the maximum lock time of 90 days, during the Golden Month period, you can earn up to 145% of your profit!

When you’re done, press Buy SNTR. A confirmation window will appear.

Here, you can see how much SNTR you can make out of your LPTs after the chosen locked time. If you’re satisfied with the projected outcome, press Confirm.

After the locked period, you can go back to Sen Booster, switch to the Redeem tab, and get your pile of SNTR.

The whole process is risk-free with no fees charged, no slippage, fast and secure. After redeeming your SNTR, you can either sell to the market, stake in our farms or boost again to get even more profit!

Get golds from Sentre Golden Month

Along with the first ETH-SNTR Booster, we are running a month-full of amazing news and activities for our Sentizens. Sentre Golden Month is held between January 12 and January 31. This will be your one-and-only golden chance to multiply your assets, envision your future, and start your 2022 with FUN and FORTUNE!

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