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3 min readDec 20, 2021

Following the USDC-SEN farm, Sentre Protocol is releasing its staking feature to complete the Triple Earning method.

The grand debut of our SEN token recently ended on a high note. Following the farm opening on Dec 19, Sentre Protocol is giving out staking instructions to better prepare our Sentizens before the launch of Sen Staking that is taking place on Dec 20, 2PM UTC.

Please strictly follow the steps in this article to make sure you’re staking the right way!

How to stake on Sentre

Step 1. Get your LPTs ready

Similar to depositing and farming activities, go straight to to access Sentre Mainnet.

If you haven’t provided liquidity or farmed on Sentre Protocol before, read this article to learn how: Depositing & Farming Instructions.

Step 2. Go to the $SEN-$SEN farm

We only open ONE $SEN-$SEN farm this time. All other unofficial farms are risky for your investment!

Just to be sure and secure, check your stake address with the italic line below. See your stake address by clicking on the cog icon at the top right of your screen.

This is our official stake address:


When you’re ready and steady, let’s start Staking!

Step 3. Start Staking!

Enter the amount of LPT you collected from Sen LP, then click on “Stake”.

If you wish to stop farming, choose the “Unstake” tab, input the desired amount then click on the “Unstake” button.

Step 4. Harvest

After some time, you can see your amount of reward shown on the right of the page. Click on the “Harvest” button to claim yours.

Get your rewards at the Retroactive Airdrop event

To show our immense gratitude towards Sentizens, we have decided to kick off the Sentre Retroactive Airdrop event with a total of 2 million $SEN. The event reward mechanics are below:

  • 1,000,000 $SEN to liquidity providers: All deposits equal to and over US$100 will be rewarded with an amount of $SEN proportional to your contribution volume.
  • 600,000 $SEN to Sentre Mega Launch participants: All those who take part in the event will be rewarded with an amount of $SEN equally divided to the total number of participants.
  • 400,000 $SEN to our traders, including:
  • 200,000 $SEN evenly distributed to all traders with the total exchange value falling between US$1000 and US$10,000.
  • 200,000 $SEN evenly distributed to all traders with the total exchange value going over US$10,000.

And that’s all! Start your farming activities now to maximize your profit and create a stable source of yearly income.

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